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Contemporary Landscape Painting

"Layers" 60x48 oil on canvas, available

As an artist I sometimes look for inspiration around me. I have always found trees to be a great place for inspiration. I like to look at them and see them sway in the wind. I find shade from a tree some of the best stuff in the world on a hot sunny day.

In the western United States trees have been used on farms and in rural applications. Many poplar trees have established property lines, created windbreaks, and provided fuel for winter. I have always enjoyed poplar trees and the roll they have in the west.

As an artist I really appreciate poplar trees for the shape and texture they provide. In the spring they are fun to see as the small green buds sprout into large heart-shaped leaves. I also find it fascinating to see it snowing in early to mid-June from the poplar trees. They send out the cottony seeds into the air and cover the ground with this warm weather snow. The cotton drives my neighbors crazy, but I like it.

I often use poplar trees in my landscapes. I am used to them being in my everyday views. I like the heritage of them on my family farm. They have been the source of pleasure and pain, but as far as artistic inspiration they have it.

Contemporary landscape Painting, "Layers" 60x48 oil on canvas.

This painting entitled “Layers” has a small grouping of poplar tree. I have used the brilliant yellow color that the trees turn in autumn. I like the color, texture, and shape that poplar trees provide. These elements are interesting to me as composition elements in a painting.

I feel poplar trees as subject matter can lend themselves to the vertical format of this piece. I have found that vertical paintings are often sought after. The dominant placement, size and color of the poplars in this piece provide an interesting center of focus.

My take on this contemporary landscape is one of combined styles. One can see abstraction, impressionism, expressionistic elements, as well as realism. I find that for me I need to follow my own direction and path with a style. I don’t necessarily want to be classified in any particular genre. I just want to paint what I decide. I follow my instinct or inner voice or muse.

This work like much of my work can be looked at for face value as a colorful decorative piece, or it can reach into symbolism. I don’t really want to let people know what I was thinking about when I was painting this piece. I would rather that people bring their own meaning with them. Perhaps the title “Layers”, could be a starting point for someone to take a journey into my painting.

Something that seems to come out with this work is the movement and energy. The contrasting colors and values give it an energy. I like how that this piece has a lot to offer with color, value, texture, shape, and pattern.

This painting is fairly large. It is 60 inches high and 48 inches wide. It is painted on gallery wrapped canvas in oil paint. Contact me through my website if you have interest in it. Currently it is available.